Integration with Telegram Bot

Memogram is an easy to use integration service for syncing messages and images from a Telegram bot into your Memos.



Download the binary files for your operating system from the Releases page.


Create a .env file in the project's root directory and add the following configuration:


The SERVER_ADDR should be a gRPC server address that the Memos is running on. It follows the gRPC Name Resolution.


Starting memogram

  1. Download and extract the released binary file;

  2. Create a .env file in the same directory as the binary file;

  3. Run the executable in the terminal:

  4. Once the bot is running, you can interact with it via your Telegram bot.

Interaction Commands

  • /start <access_token>: Start the bot with your Memos access token.
  • Send text messages: Save the message content as a memo.
  • Send files (photos, documents): Save the files as resources in a memo.