Contribute to documentation


Step by step

  1. Clone your forked repo:

    git clone<You username>/dotcom
  2. Start the dev environment:

    1. Install dependencies:

      npm install
    2. Start the development server:

      npm run dev

    Now, the website should be running at http://localhost:3000. It will support live reload upon code changes.

  3. Create corresponding markdown files under the content folder in the corresponding location.

    Note: If it's a whole new section you are adding:

    1. Create the corresonding folder under content

    2. Add a file inside you newly created folder

    3. Copy what you added in step 6. to the

    4. Replace the title in ## with:

          title: <Your title>
  4. Add your link into DOCS_NODES.

  5. Enjoy writing!