Release v0.22.1


  • Support to quickly filter specified content: links, to-dos, codes

    <img width="252" alt="image" src="">

    In order to use this feature, you need to regenerate the memo properties, which can be done via the Refresh button in the top right corner of user statistics panel.

  • Added more memo-related settings:

    • Support for enabling auto-collapse.
    • Support for enabling double-click content editing.
  • Support for reopening the last visited page: home or timeline.

Full Changelog

  • chore: add last visited page
  • chore: fix content search
  • chore: fix editor autocomplete
  • chore: fix imports
  • chore: fix memo cache key
  • chore: fix memo editor cache
  • chore: implement memo property endpoint
  • chore: regenerate dependencies
  • chore: remove access token after sign out
  • chore: remove unused
  • chore: tweak comments
  • chore: tweak common function
  • chore: tweak error message
  • chore: tweak goreleaser
  • chore: tweak memo definition
  • chore: tweak memo property
  • chore: tweak refresh button
  • chore: tweak version
  • chore: tweak webhook payload
  • chore: update build artifacts
  • chore: update general setting
  • chore: update i18n
  • chore: update memo related settings
  • chore: update resource binary endpoint
  • chore: update tag section
  • chore: update timeline filters
  • chore: update translation files (#3481)
  • chore: update user access token checks
  • feat(i18n): added marathi(mr) translations (#3449)
  • feat: add more memo settings
  • feat: add panic recovery middleware for grpc and echo server (#3459)
  • feat: update search memo filter
  • feat: update statistics view
  • fix: create idp in postgres
  • fix: link hover handler
  • fix: update resource with id (#3405)