Release v0.22.0

Upgrade overview

⚠️ This release contains upgrade notes that deviate from the norm:

  • Requires database migrations;
  • Some settings(including resource storage) need to be reset on the UI;

If you're ready to upgrade, it's recommended to back up your data first

Breaking changes

  • API v1 incompatibility update. Learn more with

  • Telegram integration has been moved to a new standalone project that is much easier to use. Learn more in usememos/telegram-integration

  • S3 Storage related resources will be using pre-signed url and supports synchronized deletion.

  • Tags refactored to support displaying the amount of related memos and provide more accurate search functionality.


  • Supported modifying display time when editing a memo.

  • Added Linux/Darwin binary files to the release note.

  • Timeline: display daily memos in chronological order.