Release v0.20.1

What's Changed

  • fix: incorrectly checking whether registration is allowed in the login v1 api by @Cufoon in
  • fix: firefox/safari to redirect to /explore in HomeLayout by @zhzy0077 in
  • fix: telegram callback query handler dereferencing nil pointer if memo not found by @ericd23 in
  • fix: dark mode tag selection and suggestion by @xyl1t in
  • chore: fix typo in build script's if statement by @ayan0312 in
  • fix: ignore "Tab" key down event when is composing in editor(#3026) by @jjaychen1e in
  • feat: improve theming by @Dubzer in
  • fix: check disallow public memo in Telegram(#3036) by @redsubmarine in
  • chore: settings page improvements by @Dubzer in
  • chore(i18n): update translation files by @michaelien in
  • chore: translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil)) by @michaelien in
  • chore: translated using Weblate (Korean) by @michaelien in
  • fix: body overflow styles by @zty42 in

Full Changelog: