Release v0.20.0

New Loaded

  • Added reactions feature: allow to interact with content by expressing your sentiment through emoji icons.
  • Introduced two new syntaxes: Mermaid and Spoiler. Learn more in
    • Mermaid supports rendering mermaid diagrams. To do this, use mermaid as langauge in codeblock;
    • Spoiler allows you to hide some content. e.g., ||Invisible text||

What's Changed

  • chore: fix typo in About.tsx by @eltociear in
  • fix: signin error notification is not shown by @athurg in
  • fix: displaying archived memos by @Kaz205 in
  • Compact Mode Setting (Proto) by @MehadND in
  • Compact Mode Setting (Backend) by @MehadND in
  • chore: improve by @lincolnthalles in
  • feat: add notice when sharing private links in MemoDetail by @moehanabi in
  • feat: add visibility select in ShareMemoDialog by @moehanabi in
  • chore: allow all 20x response status code in webhook by @ImSingee in
  • chore: update ja.json by @Somme4096 in
  • feat: add new line if the cursor is on a character when adding a tag by @Kaz205 in
  • feat: add mermaid support in codeblock by @C1C0 in
  • chore: update vi.json by @hoangsvit in

Full Changelog: