Release v0.18.0

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What's Changed

  • fix: correct some Chinese translation inaccuracy by @Kellermaan in
  • chore: remove invalid access token from db by @athurg in
  • chore: remove the max height limit for single media by @athurg in
  • fix: remove ACL when set URLPrefix by @Hou-Xiaoxuan in
  • chore: update manifest.json by @webysther in
  • feat: support Postgres by @Irvingouj in
  • fix: field type of row_status for table webhook by @athurg in
  • fix: detail page user-avatar size have unexpected height by @Tyangs in
  • fix: visibility of memo editor is empty by @athurg in
  • feat: tables support by @shagr4th in
  • fix: visibility of user preference is empty by @athurg in
  • chore: bump actions in workflows by @kbdharun in

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