Release v0.15.0

Upgrade overview

This release contains upgrade notes that deviate from the norm:

  • ⚠️ Requires database migrations: user.open_id will be removed.
  • The default storage setting for resources will be local instead of database.


  • Improved the account security with access tokens.

    • You can remove the access token to disable the login state from other devices;
    • You can generate access tokens to call APIs, and they can never expire;
    • ... learn more in Access Tokens.
  • Two new pages:

    • User profile: A separate home page for yourself.

    • Resources with timeline view: Display the resource according to the timeline to solve the problem of disorganization. And you can also quickly find related memos.

  • Added support for parsing LaTeX syntax. Thanks @kadaliao for #2209

  • Added cache for editor content when creating or editing.